Multifamily Projects

IAG takes the responsibility of developing high-quality multi family residential environments seriously. in the treacherous world of legal exposure to construction defects, IAG strives to adhere to a strict series of design and building standards,
along with inner office reviews to produce a well-constructed product. We essentially
are stewards of our clients' assets. We must work together with our client to achieve
the maximum potential for the property, while taking into consideration not just the
marketability, but also the functionality factor—the buyer, the human being.

Multifamily housing provides many additional challenges including unique in-fill lots, involved building and parking layouts, and sometimes confining zoning requirements. IAG has expounded on the need for mid to high-rise multifamily condos and apartments that meets the demands for higher density housing in our ever-growing cities. IAG works with its clients to provide innovative solutions to complicated problems. What may at first seem like an impossible scenario many times provides the exact
motivation to come up with a design that is truly inspired.

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